Music License FAQ

Q: What are your basic terms for royalty free use?

There are three options:

1. Use the music for free if you credit the music to "Dan-O at". Download CreditLicense.pdf. As an option, you can also post an image or video to your website and blog when you credit me. Click here for images. For videos you can put the credit in the video and or the description. 

2. With no credit donate at least $10 per track. Donating is an easy way to use one of my tracks by giving you more freedom when sharing your project. Donating also directly contributes to the amount of time I can spend making music for the community. If you have your paypal receipt you can download the donation license here: DonationLicense.pdf.

3. With no credit you can also buy the packageThe package offers the most publishing flexibility and quick access to 77+ mp3s on your hard drive. 

Q: Do you offer lessons of any kind? 

Yes, I do private coaching via skype, phone and email

Q: How can I get an update when you release a new royalty free song?

For email updates click here, like my facebook page or follow me on twitter. 

Q: How do I download one of your MP3 files?

A: It's easy. Go to my home page and scroll down to the song you want. Right click on the MP3 link, choose 'Save Target As...'. Also read How to Download a File.

Q: How do I provide credit?

Make this text visible in the credits, materials or description of your media. For videos: in the description box or in the video is ok. In both places is nice but not required.

Use this exact text because this is what is in the license:

Dan-O at

As an option, you can also post an image to your website and blog when you credit me. Click here for images.

Q: Are you on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and can I see your film credits?

I am also an actor ( and I do voice overs in my studio (samples). Contact me for casting and voice work.

I am officially Dan O'Connor (XI) on IMDB. Here is the page:

Q: How can I prove to YouTube and other sites that I have permission to use your music?

You can reply with the following as verification of the license:

1. The name of the artist: Dan O'Connor (

2. The name of the track: Example: The Owl Named Orion

3. Direct link to the song: Example:

4. Direct link to the license terms: This is the link to the license If you are using the music free with credit: 

If you paid for use without credit the link to license is on the thank you page. If you have your paypal receipt you can download the donation license here: DonationLicense.pdf

I am not affiliated with YouTube. I do not get involved with YouTube matched third party content issues. Please follow the steps outlined below and if they don't work then just accept the claim or use different music. If you have more questions please check the YouTube Help Forum or contact YouTube at

Q: I am getting a "Matched Third Party Content" notice on my YouTube video when I use your music. What should I do?

This is what YouTube recommends that you do if you get a third party match:

1. Dispute the claim using the information above.

2. If the dispute is rejected then you can look up the claimant online and contact them directly.

3. If contacting the claimant directly does not work then you can either accept the claim, use different music or try contacting YouTube directly at

YouTube has many problems with fraudulent and mis-identified claims as documented here. So that is why my license says I can not guarantee or warranty that this will not happen with my music. I have no association with YouTube or their copyright system. I only get involved with YouTube matched third party content issues if it is an exact match of my recording. 

My goal is to keep DanoSongs completely free and clear from "Matched Third Party Content" notices. To keep the site clean for everyone I will occasionally remove tracks. 

Q: Can you give me more details about the license and terms for using your music?

A: You have my permission to use the music for free if you credit me and or link to my site. If your film gets into IMDB you can credit me as composer here.

  • If you donate at least $10 US per song or buy the package you have my permission to use the music without credit.
  • If you want to reuse the song without credit in your own projects, that is ok if you donated or bought the package.
  • If you are reselling your work to clients then that would be a donation for each client for each song. Clients can also reuse the work without credit if this donation has been made. If you buy the package, you can reuse the tracks for your clients.

You are free to share the music by copying, distributing and transmitting the work. You are free to remix and adapt the music. You can edit and loop the tracks.

Per the "attribution only" creative commons license, you have unlimited use of the music for any commercial, non-profit or personal use. These rights are granted world-wide.

Exceptions: You can not claim yourself as the composer. You can not sub-license the music. You can not claim my music using the YouTube content id system or release it with a digital distributor that does.You can not re-license or distribute the music as royalty-free music. If you are reselling your work to clients then that would be at minimum donation of $10 for each client for each song. 

Q: Can I see the license I get when I pay for use without credit?

A: When you pay for use without credit you will be directed to a thank you page that provides you with the creative commons license and a note waiving my "right of attribution". You can print or save these for your records. Of if you have your paypal receipt you can download the donation license here:

Download: DonationLicense.pdf

Q: What are your donation payment options?

Donating at least $10 per track is the easiest way to use my music by giving you more flexibility when sharing your project. Donating also directly contributes to the amount of time I can spend making music for the community.

Donate by paypal or credit card:

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Monthly Song Donation

Easiest way for you to use my songs every month. Just set it up once and download music you need anytime. Also helps me spend more time on music for you if I know I have income I can count on every month.

Invoices and Receipts:

If you work for a business or organization that needs an invoice and standard payment, just contact me and I can work that out with you. If you donate or buy the package you will automatically get a receipt.


Click here to view the package of 77+ MP3s. The most publishing freedom and easy access to over 100 tracks on your computer—for more creative control over your work. 

Q: Can I download your MP3 files just for personal listening?

Yes and that is great. My music is also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and every other major music service. Search danosongs or your favorite song name.

Q: Can I put your music on a CD by itself or with vocals and then sell it?

A: Yes but there is one exception to this. You can not use an online distributor like CDbaby, Tunecore or many others that will claim YouTube content ID on my music. If you don't know what that means then please contact me.

Q: Do you require royalty payments to a Performing Rights Organization like ASCAP or BMI?

The creative commons license waives my right to collect PRO (Performing Rights Organization) royalties. If you are using my music in a situation that requires reporting to ASCAP or BMI, then you will not need to add my tracks to the paperwork.

Q: Are you interested in seeing a video, film, game or other project that uses your music?

Yes, definitely and allot of other people will be interested too. Please share films, videos, games and other projects with the community, on my facebook or twitter page. I will be happy to see work that uses my music there.

Q: I can't find the music I need on your site, can you recommend any other royalty free music?

Check out these low-cost and high quality royalty free music options:

$0.99 Music - with 35,000 royalty free tracks - Creative commons licensed royalty free music - Only $5 per month subscription

Q: Do you do interviews or can you speak at my school, business, organization or conference?

A: For interview and presentation requests check out my speaking page

Q: What software and equipment do you use to create your music?

I have an extremely simple mobile virtual studio. I just use my computer keyboard as a midi controller with VSTs.

Here is the software and equipment I use:

  • Acoustica Mixcraft 6
  • Blue Yeti USB mic
  • Ovation Adamas Guitar
  • Lenovo Laptop

That's really it.

I use the Blue Yeti mic to record vocals and guitar.

Q: Can you do a custom song for my video, game or other project?

A: I'm not doing custom music since I am totally booked up composing stock music for this site.

Q: If my project makes money, gets sold, wins a cash prize or gets further distribution do I need to pay anything?

A: No you do not. As long as the credit stays intact, or you donated then that is all you need to do. Of course I accept and appreciate further donations if you would like to support my work.

Q: Can I download and "try" your MP3 files out in my project first, then credit or donate later?

A: Definitely yes. Credit or donation is only needed at the time of publishing.

Q: Is your music copyright free or public domain?

A: No, the songs are copyrighted. My simple terms are based on the creative commons license but that does not make the music copyright free or public domain.

Q: Why is this so easy?

A: Because I want it to be as simple as possible for you to use my music. Offering music this way makes it practical, easy and affordable for anyone, anywhere in the world. Individuals, creative professionals, non-profits, schools, small businesses and corporations in any country can all use the songs under the same terms.

You can also read more about me and why I started the site on my profile.

Q: Why did you start this site and what is your background?

A: I started this site several years ago as a place to post a few tracks I recorded as a singer/songwriter. Then one day I added some instrumentals I created for fun. Since then the requests from visitors for music for videos, games, indie films, and slideshows has been non-stop. 

I was a Music Business major in college so I knew just what to do to set up a very user friendly license. You can also read press quotes, see pictures and find other information at my profile.

Comment by Lucidmike78 on November 26, 2012 at 9:48pm

Hi Dan.  I had a question that I didn't find in the FAQ.  I purchased the package 2 days ago.  I see that in your previous posts (except for the last song you just released yesterday), that if I want to use without attribution, I could buy the package.  So does the package cover all the new songs as long as you say something like donate $10 or buy the package to use without credit?  Thanks Dan.  Your music is awesome.  That's why I bought the package.  :)

Comment by Dano on November 26, 2012 at 9:56pm

Hey Mike, any songs I release in 2012 will be added to the bonus section of the package so yes, you can use them as part of your purchase. So glad you like the music : ) Best, Dan

Comment by Sammy Odds on December 24, 2012 at 11:13pm
So i can do anything with the instrumentals for free without payment so long as i link back to you?
Comment by Dano on December 25, 2012 at 1:10am

Well just read the answer to "Can you give me more details about the license and terms for using your music?" and there are just a few exceptions. 

Comment by Deepshikha Pattania on January 3, 2013 at 5:35am

Hi Dan, Really love your tracks! I have one query: If one of your track been selected for my project & my clients want the copyright for that please whether it can be done and what will be the charges?

Actually they want the exclusive right so that no other can use that track.

Please suggest as my project is hanging in the middle. 

waiting for your quick response.

Comment by Dano on January 3, 2013 at 10:25pm

Deepshikha, well it depends on the song, the client and budget. Please send me a private message or email with details.

Comment by Spartak Gurghis on October 2, 2013 at 4:58am

  Hi, love your work. I'm sure i'm gonna use one of your soundtracks for my video, i wish you had more.    I am making a corporate film for a restaurant so i was looking for a background song, and i think i founded on your website. The owner of the restaurant is a frend of mine so i'm not gonna ask any money for my work and also because i'm in a learning proces. Anyway if i decide to use one of your composition than i'll make a donation, becouse i'm not sure i can credit your name, but i'll try.   So, after donating, all i have to do is just send him a copy of your License FAQ to make him sure it is official? and he can upload this video on his own website?

greets from Belgium


Comment by SouvikC on January 1, 2014 at 10:24pm

1.Can any1 on anywhere in the planet use your songs for free (just crediting your name in the end titles)in their short films and projects,or is it available to only some countries?

2.Can any1 at liberty edit the music(adding/deleting parts,mixing and making it sound different)after downloading for use again in the short films and elsewhere?


Comment by Doug Noyce on February 18, 2014 at 4:22pm

Hi Dan- You used to have a place where we entered the site where your music/credit was used, but I do not find it anymore. Do you still require this? If so, where do I put the info?



Comment by Chris Gardner on March 8, 2014 at 9:56pm
Aloha Dan
How do I download to my ipad?


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