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My music is licensed for personal and commercial use with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license here: http://danosongs.com/danosongs.com-license.pdf

Information about the license for using my royalty free music is located in the FAQ

The MP3 files on DanoSongs.com and the site itself are offered "as is" with no warranties or guarantees.

It is ok for you to use my music for commercial use. You can see my FAQ for the information you will need to provide sites to show that you have permission to use my music.

You can not claim yourself as the composer. You can not sub-license the music. You can not claim my music using the YouTube content id system. You can not re-license or distribute the music as royalty-free music. 

My goal is to keep DanoSongs completely free and clear from "Matched Third Party Content" notices. To keep the site clean for everyone I will occasionally remove tracks. 

This is what YouTube recommends that you do if you get a third party match:

1. Dispute the claim.

2. If the dispute is rejected then you can look up the claimant online and contact them directly.

3. If contacting the claimant directly does not work then use different music.

YouTube has many problems with fraudulent and mis-identified claims as documented here. Also, I don't claim YouTube Content ID on my music but my commercial creative commons license allows people to remix my music and or use it as song backgrounds which may come up as a match in YouTube. I also use virtual studio software sounds that may be rightfully used by others and may show up as a match. Please understand that this is a fact of life since I offer the most permissive free license available and danosongs is an open community resource. 

So that is why my license says I can not guarantee or warranty that this will not happen with my music. Creative commons and YouTube Content ID does not work well together. So, I have no association with YouTube or their copyright system. I do not get involved with YouTube matched third party content issues. Please follow the steps outlined above and if they don't work then just use different music. You can also check the YouTube Help Forum to learn about these issues. 

If you adhere to my licensing terms then you can post your videos, apps, games or other media with my music on any site. However, many sites have automated programs that will claim that you are using copyrighted material. I have no control over this and I do not warranty or guarantee that any site will allow your video or other media to be posted. 

I always help when I can, but I can not promise to provide any technical support for this site, the music files, or for using the provided MP3s in your projects. 

Only my own music on my home page, package offer page and blog is licensed under creative commons. 

DanoSongs.com is built on a Ning network and by using this site you also agree to their terms: click here

As outlined in Ning's terms you also agree to indemnify and hold harmless DanoSongs.com, and its owner Dan O'Connor for all matters related to your use of this site and use of my music in your video, games, apps or other media.

I accept compensation for advertising and blogging on my site. I only work with sites and advertisers that I believe offer high quality products and services. However, I can not promise that you will think the same thing.

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